Elisabetta Franchi


      Elisabetta Franchi is synonymous with refinement and unmistakable Italian style. Each garment reflects the passion for fashion, combining creativity and craftsmanship to create unique pieces that enhance the femininity and determination of the contemporary woman.  

      From elegant evening gown silhouettes to flawless daytime outfits, the Elisabetta Franchi collection on Base Abbigliamento offers a variety of pieces that embody effortless sophistication and elegance. The refined accessories and impeccable lines give a touch of class to every outfit.  

      Each dress and accessory is designed to express the personality of the wearer, transforming every occasion into an unforgettable moment of style.  

      An extremely feminine style, as agile and practical for everyday life as for the most important occasions: accessories, shoes, bags and jewelery for an impeccable total look. Discover the Elisabetta Franchi collection on Base Clothing and find the perfect garment to express your femininity!